FAQ : Share Connect Security

Question : ShareConnect Security

Answer :

ShareConnect uses built-in 128-bit AES encryption so that all data sent between the ShareConnect client and a host computer running the ShareConnect agent is fully encrypted from end-to-end. The encryption key is unique for each connection. Even the most sophisticated devices cannot intercept the data necessary to decode the encryption.

You typically configure ShareConnect so that data is routed directly between the ShareConnect client and a host computer. Data is not routed through the ShareConnect Communication Servers unless you configure the Network access policy for unrestricted access.

For direct or indirect connections, encrypted metadata, such as the IP addresses and ports needed to establish connections, is sent to ShareConnect servers.

In addition, MDX wrapping of ShareConnect provides data encryption through the MDX Vault, which encrypts MDX-wrapped apps and associated stored data on both iOS (pre-iOS 9) and Android devices using FIPS-certified cryptographic modules provided by the OpenSSL.


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