File Box for Citrix User FAQs

Who can use File Box with my Citrix Workspace account?

File Box is only available to Employee users. Clients who you send files to cannot use the File Box. For more information on Users versus Client access, refer to Workspace: Employees vs Clients

How can I get a File Box with my account?

Your Citrix Admin must provide you with the Use Personal File Box permission.

Can I remove employee access to the File Box?

The File Box requires the Use personal File Box permission. Remove this permission to remove your employee’s File Box access. Users without File Box permissions will no longer be able to share or request files, or use Citrix Files for Outlook.

Can I view my employee’s File Box?

Administrator users can view the File Box of another user on the account. This action requires the “Allow this user to view other users File Boxes and Sent Items” permission, and can only be accessed from the profile of the user you wish to view via the “View Folders and Activity Logs” link.

Can I use Citrix Files for Outlook without File Box?

File Box is required for you to use Citrix Files for Outlook. For more information, see the Citrix File for Outlook User Guide.

How long can my files exist in File Box?

The File Box adheres to the account-wide Retention Policy. If no account-wide retention policy has been set, the File Box will adhere to a default retention policy of 6 months (180 days). The current retention policy of your File Box is displayed toward the top of the File Box menu in Workspace Web.

Can I retrieve my files that have expired from the Recycle Bin?

Files that expire from the File Box cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin. If you wish to preserve files beyond the default retention period, please move files out of the File Box.


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