HDX Monitor 3.x

The following policies are supported:

  • Desktop Composition Redirection
  • Desktop Composition graphics quality
  • Allow visually lossless compression
  • Extra color compression
  • Moving image compression
  • Preferred color depth for simple graphics
  • Target frame rate
  • Target minimum framerate
  • Use hardware encoding for video codec
  • Use video codec for compression
  • Visual quality
  • Display memory limit
  • Display mode degrade preference
  • Extra color compression threshold
  • Heavyweight compression
  • Image caching
  • Legacy graphics mode
  • Lossy compression level
  • Lossy compression threshold value
  • Minimum image quality
  • Notify user when display mode is degraded
  • Persistent cache threshold
  • Progressive compression level
  • Progressive compression threshold value
  • Queuing and tossing

Please note that the Framehawk policies are not supported by this version of HDXMonitor. Generally, if a Framehawk policy is enabled and the endpoint is capable of supporting Framehawk, Framehawk policy will take precedence over other policies such as Desktop Composition Redirection or Legacy graphics mode.

The policy data is contained in 2 tabs:

  • “Attributes” tab contains all the policy settings covered by HDXMonitor and their current values. If a policy setting is not currently configured for this VDA, a default value is displayed.
  • “WMI” tab does not contain a more detailed view of the settings. Please ignore the WMI tab for the Graphics – Policies view page.

The page may also contain warning alert messages as described in the section below. HDXMonitor will analyze the policy data on the VDA and determine the following:

  • If a certain policy setting is set to a value other than a default value and
  • This value is overridden by other policy settings or
  • This value is not applicable to the specific version of the VDA where HDXMonitor is collecting data

If these conditions are met, a warning alert message will be displayed in the HDXMonitor warning the administrator that a specific policy setting does not take effect in the current configuration.


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