How do I Customize Unified Gateway Portal?

Step 1: Adding a Portal Theme

Add a new portal theme with the customization which is needed by your organization. Go to Configuration > NetScaler Gateway > Portal Themes > Add. Select a pre-existing template theme over which you would like to make the changes.

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You can get a view of the look and feel of the portal as per the current settings of the theme by clicking “Click to bind and view configured theme”. In the “Look & Feel” section, customization of the home page and common attributes can be done. Color, font and image selection for the whole portal can be done here in appropriate sections.

For example, to set body background color, go to “Home Page Attributes” and in “Body Background Color”, select the color from the color panel next to the text box.

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To add watermark image on the login page, browse for the image in the “Watermark Image” section after selecting “EDIT” in the drop down.

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You can also customize the language of the labels on all the pages of the portal. Select from English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese in the “Language” section.

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You can also customize the labels and text displayed on all the pages of the Gateway portal. To configure for a particular page, go to “Advanced Settings” on the right pane and add the page you want to configure.

For example, to customize the login page, add “Login Page” from the “Advanced Settings” and set labels for various fields.

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Step 2: Binding Portal Theme to Gateway Virtual Server

Once you have added a new theme customized to your organization, bind it to the Gateway virtual server. Edit the Gateway virtual server to which you want to apply this theme. In the “Advanced Settings”, add “Portal Themes” and then select the theme added earlier. If you are adding Unified Gateway, in step 4, portal theme is set.


> bind vpn vserver <VPN vserver name> -portaltheme <portal theme name>


For more details on the user portal customization, please refer to

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