How To Add or Remove User Licenses From Your ShareFile Account


Enterprise customers, please contact your Sales Rep to purchase additional licenses.

When users are added to your ShareFile account, the system will use their email extension to determine if it is required that the user be added as an employee user. Generally, any user added to the ShareFile account that has the same email extension as the account creator will be added as an employee user. For example, if the ShareFile account creator’s email address is, any user added to the ShareFile account with the email extension would be created as an employee user.

Strict Employee Licensing and Company Email Address

By default, you cannot create a client user with the same email suffix as your company (ex: This is designed to prevent accounts from circumventing employee licensing requirements.

When a user attempts to create a client user with an employee company email, they will be prompted to send a request to an Admin on the account to create the user as an employee.

Admins will receive an email notification that allows them to review and/or approve the user creation request.

User-added image

Do my employees have to have my company’s email?

No. You are able to create an employee user with any email address extension.

Does disabling a user free up an employee license?

No. In order to regain the license for that user, the user must be deleted from the system.

Need more licenses?

For more information regarding ShareFile licenses, features and plan requirements, please consult the ShareFile Pricing page.


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