How to allocate/reallocate Partner Use licenses

This article assumes that Partner Use licenses have already been obtained. For instructions on obtaining Partner Use licenses, refer to Additional Resources below.

Product license allocation

When allocating license files, use the following:

  • Host name of License Server – XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer
  • Server name- AppDNA, allocating a license is the process of applying a license file to a specific AppDNA database.
  • Host Id/Ethernet/Mac Addressof appliance – CloudBridge, NetScaler,
  • Hostname of Appliance or License Server – NetScaler Gateway Universal, NetScaler Gateway Platform.
  • Mac Address of virtual appliance – NetScaler VPX, NetScaler MPX/SDX

Important: The Host ID Type is case sensitive,make sure the host name entered is exactly as it is configured on the license server or appliance.


An unrestricted My Account username & password for Partner Central.


  1. Retrieve license code(s) from Serial number field, paste in Word Pad or Note Pad.
  2. Select Manage Licenses
  3. Select “Don’t see a new license?”, in the middle of the page under the View all licenses button
  4. In pop-up window paste license code in “Enter License Code”
  5. Select Add license to my account
  6. Follow instructions to allocate license and download license file.
  7. Install license files in applicable hardware device or Citrix License Server as indicated in the Requirements section above.
  8. If a license code reflects expired or is already allocated, an error will display. Follow the instructions in Reallocate Licenses to attempt to return and reallocate a license to another server or appliance.

Modifying Licenses

Previously allocated licenses may be modified by following the instructions below:

  1. From the Mange Licenses view, search for a license code by scrolling through the page or by entering a license code in the search field or by selecting ShowAdvanced Search Options
  2. Once license code is found, select the check box to the left, Continue, and follow prompts to modify the license.
  3. If no error appears, proceed to allocate license. The host name/host Id required to allocate the license varies by product.
    • If license code is expired, reallocation cannot be completed.
  4. Follow the instructions to allocate your license and download the license file.
  5. Install the license file in the applicable hardware device or Citrix License Server.

Demo entitlements for NetScaler are installed on the appliance through the management console/User Interface or through the Shell command. Follow the below instructions for installing the license file to an appliance through the Shell command:

  1. Retrieve the entitlement from the Partner Use License pages of the Partner Central portal.
  2. Allocate the retrieved entitlement to the MAC address of the DEMO appliance.
  3. To identify the FLEXlm host ID drop into the shell of the NetScaler and issue the lmutil lmhostid –ether command.
  4. Install the allocated license file on the appliance to the /VAR/nsconfig/license directory and then reboot the machine.


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