How to change the Netscaler IP VLAN (NSVLAN) – nsvlan command

Note: This article is only applicable for VPX and MPX instances, for VPX on SDX, please refer to CTX138822.

By factory defaults the Netscaler IP is on the native VLAN 1. The nsvlan command is used to change the VLAN of the NetScaler IP subnet.

The command “set ns config -nsvlan 100 -ifnum 1/1 1/2 -tagged YES” moves the NetScaler IP to VLAN 100 and the NSIP subnet is bound to interface 1/1 and 1/2 (only the specified interfaces will be bound to NSVLAN and the traffic will be tagged). A reboot of the NetScaler is required for the command to take effect.

After using this command, the NetScaler IP subnet is only available on the interface(s) specified with “ifnum” and the traffic from the NetScaler IP subnet is tagged with the VLAN ID specified with nslvan. In the preceding example the NetScaler IP subnet is tagged with an 802.1q VLAN ID of 100, and it is bound to (and only available on) interface 1/1 and 1/2. You must configure the attached switch interface(s) to tag and allow this same VLAN ID on the connected interface(s).

Note: Interface 1/1, 1/2 and VLAN 100 are only considered as an example, the interface number can vary depending on the hardware of NetScaler, and the VLAN number can be anything between 2 and 4094.

To check the configured nsvlan, execute the following command(s) in the NetScaler CLI:

> show ns runningConfig -withDefaults | grep “ns config”

> show ns runningConfig -withDefaults | grep nsvlan –> this command might be empty if nsvlan is 1

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