How to Change Your ShareFile Account Billing Cycle to Monthly, Quarterly or Annual

ShareFile offers invoice billing to accounts on annual billing cycles. Monthly, quarterly and annual cycles are available.

Note: Users who have not been updated to the New ShareFile can do so using the Admin link in the navigation bar, then selecting Edit Request Plan Changes in the sidebar.)

Update ShareFile Billing Cycle

To change your plan’s billing cycle, complete the following steps:

  1. From the left pane, click the Settings icon. A dropdown menu is displayed.

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  2. From the dropdown menu, click Admin Settings. The Admin Overview screen is displayed.

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  3. From the Admin Overview screen, click Billing. The Billing dropdown expands with additional options.

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  4. Click Update Your Plan. The Update Your Plan screen is displayed.

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  5. Select the new billing cycle from the Billing Cycle dropdown. The new Total Cost refreshes and displays the updated price.

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  6. Click Update Plan.

Change Billing Type to Invoice Billing

If you wish to switch to invoice billing, please contact ShareFile Support. Only employee users with the request plan changes permission can alter the billing plan.


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