How to configure a VDA to use Unicode Keyboard Layout mapping for non-Windows Receivers


As of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 CU3, VDAs support Unicode keyboard layout mapping for non-Windows Citrix Receivers. This is an enhancement to the keyboard layout mapping feature available in previous VDA versions.

There have been customer issues in which characters typed using the client’s local keyboard layout produce incorrect character output in the published resource on the VDA. For example, User1 changes the local keyboard layout from English to German. User1 then changes the server-side keyboard to German. Even though both keyboard layouts are German, they might not be in sync causing incorrect character output.

The issue occurs because the mechanism of non-Windows client keyboard input is based on Unicode characters instead of scan code and Unicode injection. This feature enhancement provides VDA-side support for Unicode keyboard layout mapping to resolve these types of issues.


The client-side keyboard layout is always effective no matter what keyboard layout at VDA side is.

This enhancement benefits Receiver for Mac, Receiver for Linux, HTML5 Receiver, Receiver for iOS, and Receiver for Android.


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