How to Configure Multiple License Types within a Single XenApp and XenDesktop Site

  1. Open PowerShell with Administrative rights and add the Citrix snapin.
Add Citrix Snapin
  1. Run the command Get-BrokerDesktopGroup –Name “DeliveryGroupName” to view the current license configuration. Find the parameters LicenseModel and ProductCode. If these parameters were not previously configured, they will be blank.

Note: If a delivery group does not have license information set, then the Site level Site license will be applied.

  1. To change the license model, run the command Set-BrokerDesktopGroup –Name “DeliveryGroupName” –LicenseModel LicenseModel.
Change License Model
  1. To change the license product, run the command Set-BrokerDesktopGroup –Name “DeliveryGroupName” –ProductCode ProductCode.
Change Product Code
  1. Run the command Get-BrokerDesktopGroup –Name “DeliveryGroupName” to validate the changes.
Validate Get-BrokerDesktopGroup

Note: You cannot mix and match editions, for example, Platinum and Enterprise licenses.

  1. To remove the license configuration, run the same Set-BrokerDesktopGroup commands as above but set the value to $null.
Remove license configurations

Note: Studio will not display the license configuration for each delivery group; you must use PowerShell to view the current configuration.

Please see the product documentation for an example scenario.

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