How to Delete a RightSignature Document

There are two ways that a user can delete a document in the RightSignature 4 platform.

1. Void a document

  1. Click on the document from the dashboard.
  2. Under the “Actions” drop-down box, click Void.
  3. After the document is voided, the delete button will appear at the top of the page.

If the void button is no longer present, it is because the document was either signed by all parties (Executed) or is in an expired state (Expired). If the document is expired, and it is within 365 days of having been created, the sender can click on “Edit” from the actions menu.

The maximum time that a document can be extended, is 365 days of the send date. Once the document is extended, the user can then void the document and delete it.

2. Execute a document

Once a document has been executed, the document delete button will be available to the sender. A document is considered executed, when all parties involved have completed their fields assigned to them. There is no “Save” function for documents, all fields must be completed in a session.

Restrictions and Notes

  • Only the document sender can delete a document.
  • Once a document has been deleted, it is no longer retrievable from our system.
  • An email will be sent to all parties involved on the document that the document was deleted.


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