How to Disable Work Space Control Session Roaming on XenApp/XenDesktop

For desktop sessions:

Set-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule <Delivery-Group-name> -SessionReconnection <value> -LeasingBehavior Allowed|Disallowed

For application sessions:

Set-BrokerAppEntitlementPolicyRule <Delivery-Group-name> -SessionReconnection <value> -LeasingBehavior Allowed|Disallowed

Where <value> can be one of the following:

  • Always: Sessions always roam, regardless of the client device and whether the session is connected or disconnected. This is the default value.
  • DisconnectedOnly: Reconnect only to sessions that are already disconnected; otherwise, launch a new session. (Sessions can roam between client devices by first disconnecting them, or using Workspace Control to explicitly roam them.) An active connected session from another client device is never used; instead, a new session is launched.
  • SameEndpointOnly: A user gets a unique session for each client device they use. This completely disables roaming. Users can reconnect only to the same device that was previously used in the session.


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