How to Link a New and Existing Citrix Content Collaboration account to Citrix Cloud


  • You must have Administrator permissions in both Citrix Cloud and Content Collaboration (ShareFile).
  • The Administrator email address used to sign in to Citrix Cloud must match the email address on record listed in Content Collaboration.
  • Important: Customer linking process must be performed within 30 days of initial Order Date.

If any of these requirements aren’t met, Citrix Cloud might not be able to locate your Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile) account for assignment. If you need help with these requirements, contact Citrix Support and open a customer service case for “Content Collaboration (ShareFile) linking verification”.

  1. To perform linking of your Content Collaboration (ShareFile) account to Citrix Cloud and apply your paid entitlement, follow the steps outlined in the relevant section at Citrix docs.


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