How to Manually Change the Default Gateway From the Management Network to the Data Network on the NetScaler Instance of a CloudBridge 4000/5000 Appliance

When a CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliance is provisioned for the first time, the default gateway of the NetScaler instance is configured by default on the “management” subnet.

Management network: interface 0/1 (XenServer, SVM, CloudBridge instance, NetScaler instance) and the data/traffic network: data/traffic interfaces (CloudBridge apA/apB/apC ports) should be segregated on two different networks.

For more information refer to Citrix Documentation – Deployment Worksheet of CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliance.

This article depicts the steps to manually change the default gateway of the NetScaler instance of a CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliance from the management network to the data network using the command line interface (CLI).


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