How to sign in to your ShareFile Account

What is a ShareFile account URL?

Every ShareFile account has its own unique web address for user signin. If your signin URL is, enter mycompany.

Why do I need to know the account URL to sign in?

We have made updates to sign in to to better protect your account and align with best practices.

Why did I not receive an email when I clicked Don’t Know your Account URL?

The Account Subdomain Confirmation email is sent by Add to the trusted senders list in your email application. Note that automated emails are flagged as spam or go to your junk folder, please check these locations for the “Account Subdomain Confirmation” email. For more information about ShareFile notifications, see:

How do I sign in to Citrix Files if I do not know my account’s URL?

Click Don’t Know your Account URL? and enter your email address associated with your account. You will receive an email titled “Account Subdomain Confirmation,” If the sign in URL is, the ShareFile account URL is mycompany. Copy and paste the account URL into the Citrix Files sign in pop-up window.

I received the Account Subdomain Confirmation email, why am I associated with so many accounts? Which one do I choose?

Any time you receive a file or an email, or sign in to a ShareFile account, our system associates your email with that account. Some accounts belong to your company or other accounts belong to companies you do business with.

Choose the account URL that closely matches the name of the account or business you recognize. You will need to know your password to sign in to the account you choose. You may have different passwords to the various accounts you may be associated with.


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