How to Troubleshoot NetScaler Reporting Tab Related Issues

NetScaler Reporting tab fetches the data from newnslog files present in /var/nslog directory of NetScaler. If the reports are not being fetched then there can be an issue with the generation of newnslog files or some process might be in a hung state.

You can use the following steps to troubleshoot such issues:

Verify nscollect process state

Use the following command to verify if the nscollect process is running:

ps aux | grep nscollect

10214 0.0 0.1 44572 26988 ?? I 8Aug14 10:10.18 /netscaler/nscollect start

root 10216 0.0 0.1 44856 26464 ?? I 8Aug14 0:01.54 /netscaler/nscollect aggmode

root 92282 0.0 0.0 5928 1028 p0 S+ 12:47PM 0:00.00 grep nscollect

If you do not see an output similar to the preceding example, then you have to restart the nscollect process.

Complete the following from NetScaler shell:

  1. Run the following command to stop the daemon:

    /netscaler/nscollect stop

  2. Run the following command to verify that the daemon is not running anymore:

    ps –auxww | grep nscollect

  3. Run the following commands to start the daemon:

    /netscaler/nscollect start &

    /netscaler/nscollect aggmode &

Remove contents of var/log/db/default/ Directory

If the previous step did not resolve the issue, then remove all the contents in the /var/log/db/default/ directory. Restart the nscollect process using the steps mentioned earlier. After a while you should see the contents getting recovered in the /var/log/db/default directory. The files will be in .pdb extension.

Examine nscollect log files

If the issue continues to persist then verify the logs from /var/log/nscollect.log directory.

The following is an example of problematic logs:

COLLECTOR::CRITICAL::Thu Apr 21 14:29:23 2016:Stopping the nscollect because of disabled by adminCOLLECTOR::CRITICAL::Tue May 3 04:25:19 2016:Stopping the nscollect because of disabled by adminCOLLECTOR::CRITICAL::Fri May 6 12:00:18 2016:Stopping the nscollect because of disabled by adminCOLLECTOR::CRITICAL::Fri May 6 12:07:36 2016:Stopping the nscollect because of disabled by admin

From the logs it is clear that the reporting has been disabled manually by the Admin. You can enable reporting using one of the following steps:

  • Modify /nsconfig/nscollect.ini file and make the following entry:


  • On the NetScaler prompt run the following command:

    enable reporting

Note that the command “enable reporting” restarts the nscollect process.

To increase the logging level of nscollect logs, you can modify the /nsconfig/nscollect.ini file and add the following line:


In case the nscollect.ini file is not present, you can create one and add then add the preceding line. You need to restart the nscollect daemon using the steps mentioned earlier for the new configuration to take effect.

Reset the Datapath to Default

Run the following command from NetScaler CLI to reset the datapath to default:

unset collectionparam -datapath

Known Issue

When NetScaler boots up the nscollect is unable to create pdb files on time because of internal sleep logic of nscollect process. The fix for this issue is available in NetScaler 10.1-128.x or later.


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