How to Use the Citrix Symbol Server to Obtain Debug Symbols

Citrix provides symbol packages in the form of .zip files for the initial releases of XenApp as well as each hotfix rollup pack. For further information, refer to the Symbol Files Location section of the respective hotfix rollup pack download page.

Checksum warning messages like the following are common when analyzing dump files:

*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for binary.exe

These warnings occur when the debugger cannot verify if the symbols match the binary. This is a common warning when debugging a mini dump from a system that does not have the software that includes the binary installed. Possible workarounds include setting the image file search path in the debugger to a directory that includes the binary mentioned in the warning or performing the debug directly from a system with the software installed. See the sections titled, “Verifying Symbols,” and, “Executable Image Path,” in the Debugging Tools for Windows help file for more information.

To report problems with the Citrix Symbol Server, send an email to and provide the following information:

Note: Enable noisy symbol loading with the !sym noisy command before performing these steps.

  • The output of the version command.

  • The output of the .sympath command.

  • The output of the .reload /f command and the command that is failing. Ensure to enable noisy symbol loading ( see Step 1) before performing this step.

  • The output for the lmv command.


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