How to use XenMobile REST API using PowerShell

This document is intended to let users know how Windows PowerShell scripts can be used to call and work with XenMobile API’s, secondly how the XenMobile APIs can be leveraged using PowerShell scripts extract data and provide it for business needs. Using PowerShell makes it easy to work with REST API’s to derive to a result that the admin or the organization are looking for in terms of data. This document lists out the various functions along with the type of Commands, Help/Parameters required to be in-cooperated when dealing with functions, to invoke API’s. Every function and command syntax is followed by a screenshot which displays the output when a command is being executed successfully. We have used a script file and have imported a module. psm1 which contains all the functions. Reference links used for this document are: /

Who can use this document?

Anyone who is looking to interface with XenMoibile’s web service API’s to integrate with their external systems can work with these API functions. Using these APIs, external system can authenticate and connect to XenMobile server, retrieve specific information required for business needs such as number of devices enrolled, deploy any device, perform full or selective wipes, information about users, groups, applications, platforms, deployment packages, policies and much more. These functions when called can perform the same tasks which an admin can execute from console; however it can also be used to perform certain other task which takes longer and manual approach such as generating bulk invitations and/or OTP’s.


Output of the commands successful executed can be saved in a CSV file or other formats which can be easily parsed.

Note: All screenshots in this document are for representational purposes only.


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