I am unable to sign in so, how do I reset my ShareFile password?

ShareFile Password Policy Update

IMPORTANT!Citrix issued a new password history requirement that you cannot reuse the previous 25 passwords on your account.

Due to an increase in internet-account credential (username and password) theft, Citrix requires a password reset and will incorporate a regularly scheduled forced password reset into our normal operating procedures. This policy will be defined in a future update in collaboration with customers and Citrix Product Security.


If you do not have the ability to reset your password due to your company’s policy or you are an admin and need to reset a client or user’s password, see User Password Reset by Admin for more information.

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Reset Your Password without Logging In

If you have forgotten your ShareFile account password, you can reset it from your ShareFile account login screen.

Important: ShareFile password reset uses the reCAPTCHA tool for verification. reCAPTCHA is not supported by Microsoft Edge. See ShareFile No Password Reset in Microsoft Edge for more information.

  1. Utilizing your ShareFile domain name, navigate to “yourdomain.sharefile.com” and click the Forgot password? link below the login button.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. If you did not receive email with link to reset ShareFile password, refer article CTX240121 – Did Not Receive Email With Link to Reset ShareFile Password
  4. Complete the reCAPTCHA tool.User-added image
  5. If you are listed with multiple account choices, please refer article CTX239873 – Wrong Company Account After ShareFile Password Reset
  6. Click send.
  7. The ShareFile system will send you an email that contains a link to reset your password. This link will expire after 15 minutes. Each time you send a password reset, the previous reset link will expire.
  8. Enter a new password.

Note: If you come across error “You Do Not Have Permission to Change Password for the Below Account(s)”, refer article CTX239979 –ShareFile Error: “You Do Not Have Permission to Change Password for the Below Account(s)”

Change Your Password When Already Logged In

  1. Log in to your ShareFile account and click Settings > Personal Settings > Edit Profile
  2. Under Change Password, enter your old password prior to creating a new one.
  3. Click Save.


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