Image Preparation Utility: “Automatic Updates is currently turned on”

The purpose for this requirement is to make sure that Windows Updates do not creep into any of your app layers or published images. Windows Updates need to happen only in the OS layer. (Similarly, Office Updates need to happen only in the Office layer.) When you wish to update Windows, you need to re-enable the setting, do the updates, and then disable them again.

The installer specifically is looking at HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdateAU. It requires that the value for “NoAutoUpdate” is set to a 1. If you look in your registry and that value is not set, then you may think that you disabled windows updates, but you actually have not. That setting is the only one that will absolutely prevent any OS updates from taking place in Windows 10.

(For Windows 7, simply set the Windows Updates pull-down to Never.)


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