ISSUE: Policy state pending or failed for Android devices

3. If the XMS servers are load balanced by NetScaler, make sure both MDM Load balancers are enabled for SSL Stickiness persistent (i.e. Persistence is SSLSession).

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Make sure the device has stable Data connection (Network connection).


Verify if there are any Android Scheduling policies configured on XMS, if there is a scheduling policy configured then the policy updates will happen according to the schedule. Below is the sample screenshot of scheduling policy.

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Please refer to below link for more details on scheduling policy:

6. If you are using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) or FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) instead of above scheduling policy, you will get the policy updates immediately on the devices. If the policies are not getting updated immediately even after enabling GCM/FCM please make sure firewall port 443 is open from XMS server to and google.comPlease refer to below link for more details on FCM/GCM:

7. If you have not configured either Android Scheduling policy or GCM/FCM, Android Secure Hub has the default internal heartbeat mechanism which makes the device check in every 6 hours for any policy updates.

8. If the XMS servers are deployed in clustered environment, try shutting down all the nodes except one node and verify if the issue still exists.Try to run this test on all other nodes as well and see if you are able to figure out the faulty node and replace or shut down this node.

9. If the issue still exists you can collect Android device logs by enabling USB debugging and view logs using the below command

-adb shell setprop log.tag.Secure Hub DEBUG

Please refer to the following link for more information:


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