Latest ShareFile password reset requirements and policy

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ShareFile password requirements

Citrix weak password policy

Passwords will be cross-checked against a database of compromised passwords. This database is continually updated by and contains passwords that have been distributed on the black market. After a user enters a password, they are displayed an error message stating “this is a known weak password, please try another.” This check happens at login, password reset, and new user creation.

If a user has a compromised password, the next time they log in, they will receive an email with a reset password link. If the user does not have permission to change their password, the account admin is required to change the user’s password.

We recommend using a password manager to generate and maintain strong passwords. A complex password is not effective if you cannot remember it. Consider using a password made of random words, numbers and symbols. For example, it is easier to remember a sentence such as “the first house I ever lived in was 613 Fake Street. Rent was $400 per month.” You can turn this sentence into a password by using the first character of each word, resulting in ‘Tfhleliw613FS.Rw$4pm’. This is a strong password and meets all the criteria. We also recommend using a password manager to generate and maintain strong passwords.

By default, a ShareFile password must contain:

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • 1 upper case letter
  • 1 lower case letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character
  • No more than 50 characters

These default requirements cannot be lowered or removed.

There is an additional password history requirement preventing use of the previous 25 passwords on your account. This requirement can be modified as needed, but cannot be removed entirely.

Special character requirements

The Administrator user of your ShareFile account may change the password requirements for the ShareFile account at their own discretion. To do so, navigate to the Admin section of your ShareFile account and click Password Policy in the sidebar. Any changes made will go into effect the next time a user changes his or her password. When a password’s expiration time is met, users will be prompted to change their password the next time they log in to ShareFile.

Special characters

! # $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ + = / . ? [ ] | ‘ ~ @ ‘


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