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Configure Device Security

An account Administrator will be able to set security options in the web application at Admin Settings > Security > Configure Device Security.

An Admin can use these options to control the security level for devices used to access the ShareFile account by other users. Please note, these settings will always override any individual user preferences.

Modifiable Device Security settings include:

File Self Destruct – Determines the number of days without the user logging in or accessing the account before the account is automatically removed from the mobile device. Unlike Remote Wipe, which occurs only when a user is online, Self Destruct occurs even if the user is offline. This setting can be updated at any time by the Account Admin. Options are: Never, 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 45, or 60 days. When self destruct is triggered on a device, users with mobile push notifications enabled may receive a notification referencing a “Poison Pill” activation.

Require User Passcode – Controls whether users are required to enter a 4-digit PIN or a password to access their ShareFile content. When set, all ShareFile content will be encrypted. Options are: PIN, Password, or User-Selected Passcode.

Enable External Applications – Determines whether users can open downloaded files outside of the ShareFile application.

Enable Offline Access to Files – Controls whether users can see ShareFile content when the device is offline.

Enable Automatic Login – Determines whether users can opt to save their ShareFile password on the device.

Restrict Modified Devices – Enabling this will restrict users from being able to use the ShareFile app on a jail-broken / jailbroken / jail broken device. ShareFile cannot fully troubleshoot issues encountered by users that have chosen to jailbreak their device.

Device Security Presets

You may configure each setting individually at the Configure Device Security menu. In addition to a Custom setting option, ShareFile offers a number of presets with various differences.

Manage Personal Devices

Each user on the system will have the ability to manage their devices in Personal Settings, My Connections. The user will be able to Wipe their device in the event that it is lost or stolen. Wiping a device will remove all ShareFile data the next time the device connects to the account.

Admin – Manage User Devices

Administrators on the account can manage all user devices on the user profile page. Under Basic User Permissions, click the Manage connected apps and devices for this user link.

This menu will allow the admin to lock, wipe or revoke a specific user’s device or application. After selecting to wipe a device, the status will display Wipe Pending until the next time the device connects and then all ShareFile data will be removed. Note: Wipe is only available for mobile devices and ShareFile Sync for Windows.


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