Mixed Content warnings when using SSL Offloading

When accessing a Web Application via a HTTP Load Balancer, there are no issues.

However, when accessing the same Web App from a HTTPS Load Balancer (HTTP on backend) the site can:

  1. Redirect users back to a start page constantly or
  2. Not display correctly, report Mixed Content warning in the Browser

This is generally caused by the responses from the backend Web Application containing Absolute links pointing to HTTP resources

To fix this you need to create the below Rewrite Policy and bind it as a Response policy to the Load Balancing or Content Switching vServer:

add rewrite action replace_http_with_https_act replace_all "http.RES.BODY(1000000)" ""https://fqdn.of.server/"" -search "regex(re~http://fqdn.of.server(:80)/~)"add rewrite policy replace_http_with_https_pol true replace_http_with_https_act

This will rewrite the links in the responses from both “http://fqdn.of.server/” and “http://fqdn.of.server:80/” to “https://fqdn.of.server/”


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