NetScaler VPX on 11.1 Firmware Shows as VPX (1) in GUI when Using MAS Pooled Capacity Licensing

Showing VPX(1) when using MAS for pooled licenses is a cosmetic issue in NetScaler 11.1 . NetScaler 12.0. displays the pooled bandwidth allocation correctly. If you change the allocated bandwidth you might need to clear browser cache or use a different browser for the VPX model to update.

VPX(1) usually means that the license has expired or in this case, pooled licensing is being used on NetScaler VPX with 11.1 firmware.

NOTE: If the license has expired the system will be flagged as “Netscaler Remote Licensed Virtual Appliance”

If the license has expired allocate a new license and install it on the VPX. If this is a pooled license continue and ignore the VPX(1).

To validate if a pooled license is being used:

  • Under system, the NetScaler will show as Remote licensed.
  • You can look at the NetScaler license once you hit manage you will see the license and bandwidth allocated.


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