Network Object in SDWAN

To configure Network Objects:

1. In the Configuration Editor, navigate to GlobalNetwork Objects, click Add (+).

2. Click Add (+) under Networks.

3. Enter the IP Address and Subnet of the new Network Object.

4. Click Apply to save the settings.


To bind the Network Object to specific Site, follow instructions below.

1. In the Configuration Editor

2. Navigate to Connections.

3. Under a specific site, select Route Learning properties.

4. Use import template to advertise the subnet (network object from Site), and export template under the site while will learn the advertised subnet.

For Example: If site A has configured with Few local subnet, which are configured under Network object, and Site A wants to inform Site B about its new local subnet.

Then Site A route learning properties will be configured through Import Template, whereas Site B route Learning Properties will be configured as Export template.

5. Save the package and export it to change management and stage the package


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