Not seeing non-addressable vservers on ADM Cloud

Non-addressable vservers do get discovered in ADM, but these are not enabled for auto licensing. We will display only licensed vservers in ADM cloud.

Citrix ADM, by default, does not automatically apply licenses to non-addressable virtual servers. For licensing non-addressable virtual servers, you must disable the auto-license option and manually select the non-addressable virtual servers. This increases your effort to manually select the non-addressable servers initially when you apply the licenses. You also need to manually select the new non-addressable virtual servers whenever they are added to your network.

Citrix ADM now provides a new option in Citrix ADM under Account > Subscriptions. That is, the new option Auto-select nonaddressable Virtual Servers. Enabling this option now allows you to explicitly specify that the licensing should include non-addressable virtual servers also.

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  • Citrix ADM, by default, still does not auto select non-addressable virtual servers for licensing.
  • Application analytics (App Dashboard) is the only analytics supported currently on licensed non-addressable virtual servers.

More information regarding this can be found here :


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