Citrix Systems, Inc. announces a Notice of Status Change for the Citrix SD-WAN Firmware Versions 9.3 and 10.1

The tables below explain the Citrix SD-WAN life cycle management milestones as well as important information regarding dates and options during this period. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with stated End of Life/End of Support policies for Citrix Systems, Inc.

Table 1: Milestones and Dates for these models

Milestone Definition Date
Notice of Change (NSC) The NSC date is the date on which Citrix announces the intent to initiate the lifecycle management process Aug 12,2019
End of Sale (EOS) The date on which Citrix will no longer offer the product N/A
End of Maintenance

The date on which the firmware will no longer be available for download Feb 12, 2020
End of Life date (EOL) The EOL milestone signals the point at which no support or maintenance is provided. Product information will be limited to the historical material available on or other online resources and is subject to removal beyond this date Feb 12, 2020

Customer Actions

Citrix recommends that existing customers take steps to upgrade to the latest Citrix SD-WAN firmware – 10.2.3 or above to take advantage of the upgraded features, performance and security updates. This will ensure the best transition of the product.

For More Information

For more information about the Citrix SD-WAN, visit or contact your local Citrix sales representative or authorized Citrix business partner.


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