Notification query returns records which is more than expected

1. Make sure that your data model does not have a 1:N relationship in the notifications configuration.

2. Remove fields from the notification content generating the 1:N relationship if possible.

3. If the notification’s source table references “N” rows based off a condition from a foreign table, rebuild the notification and use the primary table referenced as the source table. The below screenshots provide an example of this scenario.

For the same PK value request_item_sys_id on “variables” table (sysapproval_sys_id on sysapproval_approver table) you get multiple question values which is the 1:N relationship.

See below the table being used in the notification, with table “variables” got the error (1:N relationship) and with table “sysapproval_approver_changereq” the error was fixed(1:1 relationship).

On the notification content you can leverage fields from the “variables” table due to the relationship between “sysapproval_approver” and “variables” tables.


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