nVidia control panel fails to launch in platform layer or published image

Install NVidia in the Platform Layer.

Create a new layer called ‘Preserve NVidia”

In that layer, open the registry and navigate to:


Add a value called AlwaysOnBoot (if it doesn’t already exist) as a multi string value. Add the following two lines:

C:Program FilesNVIDIA Corporation

C:Program Files (x86)NVIDIA Corporation

Please note the trailing at the end of the paths, as that tells the software that it is a directory, and we should

keep all of the children of the directory on the image.

Nothing else is to be added or installed in this layer.

Finalize the layer.

When deploying an image that requires NVidia, include the layer ‘Preserve NVidia’. This will preserve the settings for NVidia in the final Image. This is because any update to the NVidia directories that may have taken place while in a deployed desktop that is running and using the image with NVidia, will not persist after the desktop has been reverted.


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