Office 365 is Randomly Asking Users to Reactivate

Solution 1

Review this Microsoft documentation:

Confirm the following:

  1. Check that your Office 365 plan supports shared computer activation.
  2. Verify that shared computer activation is enabled for Office 365 ProPlus.
  3. Verify that activation for Office 365 ProPlus succeeded.
  4. Does %localappdata%MicrosoftOffice16.0Licensing have some text files in the folder? When were those files created. Are they also in the profile store? If so, delete the user profile from the profile store and have the user log back in.
  5. Confirm that the exclusion policy is applied successfully and that the !ctx_localappdata!MicrosoftOffice16.0Licensing directory is being excluded. Refer to Ultimately, you may need to contact Microsoft support for additional assistance on Office 365 activation process.

Solution 2

Registry Key Modified:



SCLCacheOverride with value 1 (string).SharedComputerLicense with value 1 (dword).SCLCacheOverrideDirectory in the file path: %userprofile%AppdataToken365 (it can be modified)

Also, enable the following policies

  1. Via GPO “Automatically activate Office with federated organization credentials”
    • Under “Subscription activation settings”
  2. Add ADFS.[domain] to the Local Intranet trusted Zone (Via Group Policy):
  3. Add automatic logon in Security Configuration (via Group Policy):
  4. If using Citrix UPM, make sure the UPM profile is synchronizing these two folders:
    • %localappdata%MicrosoftOffice16.0Licensing
    • %localappdata%MicrosoftCredential

After applying the changes above there were no additional Office 365 activation requests.

Solution 3

If virtual machines and newest version of Office 365 Pro Plus that you have to run “reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0CommonIdentity” /v “DisableADALatopWAMOverride” /d “1” /f /t REG_DWORD” on the virtual machine for Outlook sign in to work properly.


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