Prepare Document for Sending in RightSignature

Send a Document for Signature

There are three ways to begin sending a document for signature in RightSignature:

After you select a document for sending, it will automatically be converted into a PDF file to serve as the background for your form.

Prepare Document for Signature

Once all signers are added to the form you will be able to place all the desired annotations and fields for the signers to complete.

Note: Before sending a document, add the appropriate fields required. Please recreate the document if edits are needed after sending.

The following fields are available to prepare a document:

Place a Request or Annotation Field

1. Select a field to add to the document.

2. Click on the document to place the field object.

3. Select the field object and drag the sides to adjust the fit in your document.

4. Double click on the field object to display additional options.

5. Choose whether a field is required or optional.

6. Choose whether a field should be highlighted during the signing process.

7. Choose which signer should complete a specific field option if sending to multiple signers.

Advanced Tools

Note: You cannot change the underlying document and the chosen fields from this screen. Read more about how to create import overlayshere.

Edit Document Settings before sending

After preparing the document, review and edit any document-wide settings below before sending:

  • Name: Edit the title of the document the signer will receive.
  • Recipients: Signers cannot be changed at this step, but additional recipients can be CC’d to the document email if desired.
  • Message: Add a message to the body of the email that will be sent to the recipient(s) of the document.
  • Expiration Date: Edit how long the recipient(s) have to sign the document before it’s automatically voided.
  • Passcode: Choose whether the document is passcode-protected. If enabled, a four-digit PIN will be generated that the recipient(s) will need to access the document. This PIN must be sent to the signer(s) by the sender manually.
  • Add Tag: Add common phrases or words as tags to the document for easy access and sorting in the future.

Once all options are configured, choose to send the document for signatures.

Note: Signers do not need to create or log into a RightSignature account to complete this request.


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