“Q11827 HTTP Security Header Not Detected” on NetScaler Management IP Using Qualys Scan


1. This is a generic template that is applicable across various NS Versions, some of these may not be needed on later versions, for version specific config, please review fiddler / dev-tool output while accessing NetScaler Management IP and apply the config in part two for the missing headers only.

2. Take System backup before making any changes

3. Check GUI Access, API Based monitoring tools functionality (NMAS, Command Center, any other) with NetScaler thoroughly after making these changes

Part 1: Execute following command on Shell prompt to enable rewrite feature on Management IP, and to make the changes persistent across reboot (On both Primary and Secondary)

nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys skip_systemaccess_policyeval=0

cd /nsconfig

echo nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys skip_systemaccess_policyeval=0 >> rc.netscaler

cat rc.netscaler | grep skip_systemaccess

Part 2: Exit from Shell and execute the following commands on > prompt (On primary only, these commands with sync on secondary)

Enable ns feature rewrite

add policy expression is_management_ip client.ip.dst.eq(SYS.NSIP)

add rewrite action insert_x-xss-protection_act insert_http_header X-XSS-Protection “”1; mode=block””

add rewrite action insert_x-content-type-options_act insert_http_header X-Content-Type-Options “”nosniff””

add rewrite action insert_x-frame-options_act insert_http_header X-Frame-Options “”SAMEORIGIN””

add rewrite action insert_x-hsts-header_act insert_http_header Strict-Transport-Security “”max-age=157680000; includeSubDomains””

add rewrite action insert_CSP_act insert_http_header Content-Security-Policy “”frame-ancestors ‘self'””

add rewrite policy insert_x-xss-protection_pol “is_management_ip && http.RES.HEADER(“X-XSS-Protection”).EXISTS.NOT” insert_x-xss-protection_act

add rewrite policy insert_x-content-type-options_pol “is_management_ip && http.RES.HEADER(“X-Content-Type-Options”).EXISTS.NOT” insert_x-content-type-options_act

add rewrite policy insert_x-frame-options_pol “is_management_ip && http.RES.HEADER(“X-Frame-Options”).EXISTS.NOT” insert_x-frame-options_act

add rewrite policy insert_x-hsts-header_pol “is_management_ip && http.RES.HEADER(“Strict-Transport-Security”).EXISTS.NOT” insert_x-hsts-header_act

add rewrite policy insert_CSP_pol “is_management_ip && http.RES.HEADER(“Content-Security-Policy”).EXISTS.NOT” insert_CSP_act

#Note: The priority Nos below may have to be edited to not conflict with existing globally bound policies

bind rewrite global insert_x-xss-protection_pol 2 next -type RES_DEFAULT

bind rewrite global insert_x-content-type-options_pol 3 next -type RES_DEFAULT

bind rewrite global insert_x-frame-options_pol 4 next -type RES_DEFAULT

bind rewrite global insert_CSP_pol 5 next -type RES_DEFAULT

bind rewrite global insert_x-hsts-header_pol 6 next -type RES_DEFAULT


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