Receiver (4.9|4.10|4.11) installation stuck at setintegritylevel.exe while installing it through Non interactive desktop of a Admin user.

Please review the User access rights management and ensure that the user has following rights:

1) Logon as batch

2) Logon as Service

If above steps doesn’t help, the only work around available is to install the Receiver under system context using psexec:

reg add HKCUSoftwareSysinternalsPsExec /V EulaAccepted /T REG_DWORD /D 1 /F

psexec -s -i -h CitrixReceiver.exe /EnableCEIP=false /noreboot /silent SELFSERVICEMODE=False ALLOWADDSTORE=N /includeSSON /ENABLE_SSON=Yes /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled ADDLOCAL=ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,SSON,AM,SELFSERVICE,USB,DesktopViewer,Flash,Vd3d,Webhelper


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