Seamless Flags Configuration for Epic Hyperspace

This article includes recommended configuration for delivering Epic Hyperspace as a published application via Citrix XenApp.

Configuration Instructions

Citrix XenApp includes server-side seamless configuration settings in the Windows Registry that can be used to improve performance of the Epic Hyperspace application. To configure the recommended settings, modify the Registry in the XenApp server where the application is installed.

Create a new value in the Registry Key:


Value Name: SeamlessFlags

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Value: (based on scenarios table below in hexadecimal format)

Scenario Value: Description
For all scenarios 0x00000004 DISABLE ACTIVE ACCESSIBILITY HOOK (0x4)
For double hop scenarios only. When users launch the published application from within another Citrix session. 0x00004004 DISABLE ACTIVE ACCESSIBILITY HOOK (0x4)



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