Send a Document in RightSignature

1. Sign In to your RightSignature account with your ShareFile credentials:

2. To send a document from your computer, click Start Document and then select Send for Signature.

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3. Click Choose From Computer or use Other Sources to upload a file from your computer or an external application.

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4. Click Prepare Document.

5. You will be prompted to enter the signers’ name and email address.

Note: Email addresses for each signer needs to be unique.
Note: If you add multiple signers to a single document, you can designate signers to their own Request Field. After placing a Request Field in the document, double-click the field to open up additional options. Use the drop-down menu to assign the appropriate signer to complete the field.

6. Select Set signer order. For more information on setting signing order please see the article How do I assign an order for signers on the same document?

7. When finished click Next: Place Fields.

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8. Prepare the document. Read more about each request and annotation field here.

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9. When you finish click Next: Review.

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10. Finally, add a customized name and message, add CC’s, or add an optional document passcode.

Note: Read more about how to Add a Passcode to Your Document.

11. Click Send Document when you are done.

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