ShareConnect Mobile Viewer

You can access host computers via the ShareConnect mobile app for iOS and Android.

Note – Multiple monitors cannot be viewed from the ShareConnect mobile app.

Connect to a Computer

Log in to your ShareConnect account. Select the View Files button beside the computer you want to remotely access and enter your system’s credentials.

You will see the following on the ShareConnect Mobile Viewer:

Remote Computer – The computer that you are connected to remotely.

Search – Ability to search for files or apps within a folder.

Recent Files – The 10 most recently used files.

Applications – All applications present on your host computer. By default, you will see a couple of browsers and Microsoft Office applications.

Folders – A list of all folders in your remote computer.

Files List – A table list of the files with details.

You can also remotely access your host computer by clicking Show Desktop under your computer’s name in the left navigation.

You can disconnect from your host computer by clicking Disconnect your host computer’s name. You will be redirected to the My Computer’s page.

The ShareConnect Mobile Viewer Toolbar

When you connect remotely to a host computer to begin a ShareConnect session, the ShareConnect Viewer toolbar helps you with performing certain actions on your remote computer. The toolbar is located in the right navigation of your Viewer screen.

In addition to helping you on your remote computer, you can apply security settings to your host computer.

Search – Search within files and folders available on your remote computer.

Maximize – Displays the remote computer screen in 100% size.

FIT – Displays the remote computer within your ShareConnect Viewer window.

Zoom – Performs the zoom out and zoom in functionality respectively.

Full screen – Displays the remote computer in full screen mode.

Ctrl Alt Del – Sends the Ctrl-Alt-Del command to the remote computer

Windows – Sends the Windows command to the remote computer.

Leave Session – Ends your ShareConnect remote session.

Security Settings – Apply security settings to blank your remote computer’s screen and lock keyboard & mouse action in-session

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