ShareFile Account Branding: Edit the Login Page

TheEdit Account Appearancemenu can be found underSettings >Admin Settings > Company Account Info > Edit Company Branding.

Login Pagecustomization can be found under “Use the advanced appearance options.”For split login page settings, click here.

Advanced Options

By default, the login page will use the logo, image and color that you selected under Header Options. To customize the login page only, expand the controls under Login Page Options.

Login Page Options

Logo – Use this logo option to have a separate logo from the account header logo. The logo must be no taller than 79px and no wider than 399px.

Logo Background Color This color is behind the login page logo. It will only be visible if there is no background image.

Background ImageThe background image is behind the logo in the top portion of the masthead. It can be any size, but will only display the first 80 vertical pixels.

Page Text – Any text entered in this field will appear on the login page directly under the Log in button. This area is often used for legal disclaimer text, terms and conditions, or to provide contact information for your end users.

Once you have made your desired login page changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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