ShareFile Account Branding: Edit the Logo and Header

TheEdit Account Appearancemenu can be found underSettings>Admin Settings>Company Account Info> Edit Company Branding.

Under Edit Account Appearance, use Basic Options to customize the Page Title, Logo, HeaderBackground Color, and Accent Color. If at any time you wish to return to ShareFile Defaults, click the Use ShareFile Defaults link in the top right of the menu.

Additional categories for customization can be found under “Use the advanced appearance options.”

Advanced Appearance Options

By default, the Basic options page will use the page title, logo, header background color and accent colors that you selected. To customize additional advanced appearance options expand the following options explained below.

Browser Options

Page Title – The page title is a short description of your account (i.e. company name) and appears at the top of the browser window or tab. The default value is “ShareFile – Where Companies Connect.”

Favorite Icon – This icon will appear in the favicon area of the browser window or tab. The optimal size for a favicon is 16×16 pixels.

Header Options

Logo – This is the image that will display in the top left area of the masthead/header. It must be less than or equal to 399×79 pixels.

Background Image – This image sits behind the logo in the top portion of the masthead (header). This image can be any size, but will only display the first 80 vertical pixels and will tile/repeat horizontally and vertically.

Background Color – A solid color that sits behind the logo instead of a background image. The default background color is white but any HTML color code can be used. If both a color and an image are entered, the image will display, and not the color.

Text Color – Customize the text color of Help, Apps, and Log Out links in the header. Please note, if this color matches the color of your background image or background color, you may not be able to see the Help, Apps, and Log Out links.

Page Options

Accent Color – Choose the color of the accent bars along the top of the navigation bar and the side of content boxes.

Once you have made your desired login page changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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