ShareFile Folder Invitations

How can I invite users to sign up for access to a folder on my account?

In order to create or edit a Folder Invite, you must have the Admin permission on the folder you wish to link.

  1. Navigate to the folder you wish to invite recipients to
  2. Access the More Options menu beside the folder name.
  3. Click Create (or Edit) Folder Invite.

Customize the options outlined below.

If you lose your link, you can return to it any time using the above steps.

Title – Shown to the client when they receive the invitation.

Description – Note displayed to client when they receive the presentation. This field can be a maximum of 100 characters.

Max Sign-Ups – Maximum number of times a unique client can use the invitation to sign up for an account.

Link Expires In – Duration of time the Folder Invite link is can be used to sign up for an account.

Notify Folder Admins when invitees sign up – Track which users use the links to sign up for an account.

Folder Access Permissions – Permissions the users will have on the folder once they have signed in.

When you click Create Invitation, a link will be displayed. You may copy this link and paste it wherever you need.


If I create a folder invite at a root-level folder, will the user permissions also apply to subfolders in that directory?

Yes. If you do not wish for permissions to be carried into subfolders, you must manage those user permissions on a folder by folder basis.

What will my clients see when they click on the invitation link?

When your clients click on the invitation link, a page will open requesting their name, email address, and company name. If the user has never logged in before, the system will recognize this based on their email address and prompt them to choose a password in a second sign-up screen. If they’re already a user on the account, they will be prompted to enter their ShareFile credentials.

Once the users have signed in, they will be able to see the folder screen with the appropriate permissions.

Can I change the settings on a folder invitation link that I have already sent?

If you would like to edit the settings on an existing invitation link, you can return to it any time using the above steps. under More Options.

The total count of users who have accepted your invitation to access the folder will be listed directly below the Edit Folder Invitation link in the More Options menu. You may also expire the link if it is no longer needed.

Users will not be notified if a Folder Invitation is modified.


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