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Citrix Content Collaboration, the advanced integration layer formerly attributed to ShareFile

Guide Name Download Link Description
Getting Started Guide User-added image A quick start guide for Admin and Employee users. Appropriate for brand new users and users with elevated permissions.
Client Guide User-added image A guide for client users that do not have Admin permissions. Appropriate for new users that will not be managing permissions and other users on the account, or users you will be sending files to.
Admin Guide User-added image A guide for Admin users that covers a variety of topics, with a focus on features that require elevated permissions.
Enterprise Admin Guide User-added image A guide for configuring and deploying ShareFile, focused on Enterprise accounts.


Sign into ShareFile

In order to log in, you must go to the unique URL of your account and enter your login credentials. If you have created a ShareFile account, or have been added to an existing ShareFile account as either an Employee or Client user, you will use the same unique URL to access the ShareFile account any time you want to sign in.

Each ShareFile account has its own unique URL that is generally in the format of: This account URL will take all users to a log in page where they will enter their email address and password.

If you are an Employee or Client user, you may have received your unique URL in the email you received upon being added to the account.

If you did not receive an email notification when you were added to a ShareFile account, please contact the Administrator of your ShareFile account to obtain the unique URL.

If you are the Admin user of the account, please check your Spam folders.

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