ShareFile manage folder access permissions via manage users

Advisory – When using the “Apply changes to subfolders” checkbox on a folder containing more than 30 subfolders, the attempt to save and apply permissions may time out. If this is the case, consider using Distribution Groups to easily manage permissions for large groups of users.

This feature can only be utilized by a Super User. Master Admin users must also be a Super User to utilize this feature. To change folder permissions from the Manage Users menu, or quickly view a user’s folder permissions without having to navigate to each individual folder one at a time:

  1. Navigate to the People > Manage Users menu.
  2. Use the Search or Browse function to locate the user you wish to view.
  3. Under Basic User Permissions, click Configure folder access permissions for this user.
  4. Use the Folder Tree menu to quickly edit your user’s existing folder permissions, or add a user to a folder if they do not already have access.


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