ShareFile RightSignature Integration

Overview: How it Works

Once your ShareFile account is linked to a RightSignature account, you can send files stored in your ShareFile account for electronic signature.

Supported document types include:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Plain text files

Send for Signature

In ShareFile, right-click on a file and select one of the Signing Options.

You may also access signature options from the Content Viewer action pane. To do so, click the file to open the viewer, then click e-Signature.

This will open the document in RightSignature.

Click here for instructions on how to customize your document on RightSignature.

After sending the document via RightSignature, the RightSignature icon shown below will appear to the right of the Creator column.

Clicking on this icon will reveal the status of that document. If the document has yet to be signed, its status will be Pending.

Once the signed document is completed, the status will be recorded as Signed. A signed copy of your file will also be uploaded back to ShareFile.

To see the completed document in RightSignature, click View.

ShareFile Desktop and RightSignature

Once you have linked your ShareFile and RightSignature accounts, you can send supported file types from the ShareFile Desktop app. To do so, right-click the file and select the Send for Signature option. This will launch the signature workflow in your default web browser where you can add fields, recipients, and send the message. (This feature requires ShareFile Desktop 1.12 or later.)

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