ShareFile Workflow Settings

Customers with access to the following features can customize various workflow settings from within the ShareFile web application, as well as generate workflow-specific reporting information.

Note: Certain settings may not be available to all users, depending on user permissions and Admin-level access requirements. Some settings may not apply to all workflow types.

How to Access Workflows Settings

Users can access the Settings menu from the main Workflows homepage.

From the ShareFile Dashboard menu:

  1. Go to Workflows -> Feedback & Approval
  2. Click Settings in the upper right


Annotation Color – set a default color for your annotations and avatar. These are the colors used when commenting on / adding annotations to documents and files.

Timezone – This sets your default time zone


Here you can choose whether or not you wish to be notified when:

  • a user replies to a comment or annotation you have made
  • a comment is left on a workflow that you have initiated
  • an annotation is added to a workflow that you have initiated
  • status updates (such as “John has approved”) are sent for your workflow

Workflows by Email

This menu outlines the steps required for creating workflows directly from your email, utilizing a special BCC address. Please refer to this menu in the web application for detailed steps.


Workspace presence – Provides real-time notifications and events while viewing and annotating in a workspace. If documents frequently have large groups of participants and performance becomes an issue, this feature can be disabled.

Participant attachments – Allows participants to upload files in the activity panel to suggest changes and edits. Files will be delivered to your ShareFile File Box.

Upload completed workflow file – When a workflow is complete, this setting allows the final version of the file to be uploaded to your ShareFile account. Example: “My_Project_Plan-approved.pdf”

Participant aliases – Enter a custom alias for specific participants. Example: Create an alias “manager” for your manager’s name and email address, where the name and email will automatically be entered when sending workflow files to the alias.

Account Settings*

Note: These settings only available to the Master Admin on the account.

Require Participant Login – When set, requires workflow participants to sign in with their ShareFile credentials to view documents, comment, and annotate. Signature and Request List workflows are not currently compatible with this setting and will be disabled for those particular workflows.

Custom BCC Address – Enter a custom BCC address to be added to all email notifications sent to users on this account.

Activity Reports – Generate monthly activity reports for all users on this account. Information includes workflow id, participant email, actions taken, and notification type, among other info.


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