Smart Scale to Autoscale Migration

Manual migration involves manually configuring the Autoscale user interface in Citrix Studio by associating the Smart Scale user interface per Delivery Group.

1. Select Delivery Groups in the Studio navigation pane on the Manage tab.

2. In the Actions panes, select the Delivery Group and then click Edit Delivery Group.

3. On the Autoscale page, select the Autoscale check box to enable Autoscale.

4. On a separate tab in your browser window, go to Citrix Cloud > Smart Tools > Smart Scale.

5. On the Virtual Apps and Desktops Sites page, locate the Site for that Delivery Group.

6. Click View Site and then click Configure.

7. On the Smart Scale configuration page, select that Delivery Group.

8. Migrate the data including machine cost, capacity buffer, and power-off delay from Smart Scale to the applicable fields in Autoscale.

9. On the Autoscale page, create schedules equivalent to those defined in Smart Scale. For more information about how to create schedules, see How Autoscale power manages machines.

10. After your data migration completes, click Apply. After that, the data is saved to Autoscale successfully.

11. On the Smart Scale configuration page, click the Smart Scale Enabled toggle button to disable Smart Scale for the Delivery Group you selected.

12. Repeat the steps above to migrate the data for other Delivery Groups.


  • Migrating capacity buffer. Smart Scale has only one field for capacity buffer. On the Delivery Group page of Smart Scale, click Advanced to see the configured capacity buffer. However, Autoscale lets you determine the capacity buffer separately for peak and off-peak times. On the Autoscale page, you can either fill in the two capacity buffer fields with the value referenced from Smart Scale or define different values for peak and off-peak times.
  • Merging schedules. When migrating the schedules, you might need to merge your schedules if applicable. This is because Smart Scale allows the same day to be included in multiple schedules, but Autoscale does not. For more information, see Overlapping schedules in this article.
  • Migrating session count. To migrate session count (the maximum number of sessions), use Group Policy. For more information, see Session count in this article.

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