Upgrading from Desktop App for Mac to Citrix Files for Mac

Access the app by clicking on the menu bar icon. Click the ellipses on the right to access more options.

Most of the operations for editing, moving, deleting, and copying files happens just as you would work on any other folder in Finder. There are a few notable changes from the desktop app that are included below.

Notable Changes from the Desktop App

The action bar will be replaced by the Right-Click Menu in Finder.

Like the action bar, the right-click menu options will change depending on what item is selected and its permissions.

Action Bar Access to file versions, notes, and Check Out information for a file is now available in the View Details menu.

Managing Files File uploads and downloads are now copied to the cache to provide quicker on-demand access.


The speeds of large/bulk uploads and downloads may be impacted so consider using the “Upload” and “Download” options from the Right-Click menu for better performance.


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