Upgrading from ShareFile Sync to Citrix Files for Windows

  1. Unlink ShareFile Sync for Windows
  2. Download and install Citrix Files for Windows
  3. Enter Account URL
  4. Login to the application.
  5. There will now be a Citrix Files (S:) drive available in File Explorer providing access to all of your ShareFile folders.
  6. Next open the Control Panel.
  7. Navigate to “Add or Remove Programs” and uninstall ShareFile Sync.
  8. Follow the prompts to uninstall and restart your computer (if necessary).
Note: Going forward use the Citrix Files (S:) drive in File Explorer instead of the “ShareFile” folder. Your data remains in the cloud and you can access those files in the Citrix Files drive.

What happens to the “ShareFile” folder which was used by ShareFile Sync?

After uninstalling ShareFile Sync the “ShareFile” folder (Location at C:Users<USER-NAME>ShareFile) will not be automatically removed. This folder on your hard drive contains the data which was synced from your ShareFile account. Since the folder is no longer connected to ShareFile, making changes to the data inside will not reflect in your ShareFile account. You may use this folder to obtain any backup files or delete the folder when no longer needed.

Can I access my data offline in Citrix Files?

Unlike ShareFile Sync, Citrix Files does not store data locally by default. Citrix Files has an Offline Access feature which allows files/folders to be selected and made available offline. When marking a file/folder to be available offline the data will be downloaded from ShareFile into the application’s cache. The data cannot be copied over directly from the old “ShareFile” folder.


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