Virtual Apps 7.15 CU5: VDAs are not registering with Delivery Controller.

Virtual Apps 7.15 CU5: VDA is not registering with Delivery Controller.

VDA health assistant tool check will have following error:

Exception ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ of type ‘System.NullReferenceException’

Following registration event id is logged:

The registration request was rejected by DDC. CdsEventWorkerUnknownRegistrationError is logged in the traces. Reason is “internal error”

DDC CDF trace has following event:

XXXX,X,YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss:xxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx,x,BrokerComponent,,0,,1,Error,”IRegistrar.Register(S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx): Exception System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘CredentialSecurity.dll’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)


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