VMware vSphere 6.5 – Citrix Known Issues

Note: This is a live article, and is updated as and when the new information becomes available.

The following information outlines the issues and their solutions:

Issue 1

Some Virtual Machines may fail to register when trying to boot large number of VMs in a catalog on Dell PowerEdge servers using PERC 8/PERC 9 storage controller.

Problem Cause

Lsi_mr3 PERC drivers installed with VMware ESXi is sometimes found to be incompatible with PERC 8/PERC 9 installed on the newest 13 generation PowerEdge servers


To resolve this issue, the appropriate PERC driver ‘megaraid_perc9’ should be installed. The driver is available on Dell or VMware support sites.

Please refer to http://www.dell.com/Support/Article/in/en/indhs1/SLN297261 for more information.

Issue 2

Windows 10 v1607 VDA fails to launch when GPU pass-through is enabled on NVIDIA K-Series Graphic cards through DirectPath I/O for PCI Devices. This issue impacts HDX 3D Pro VDAs with vDedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA) enabled.


NVIDIA has released a new driver for K-Series Graphics cards. Please update the Graphics card driver on the system to v372.90 or later

Issue 3

An increased load on storage systems in terms of IOPS may be observed when using VMFS6 with non-persistent Windows10 VDA deployed through MCS.


There is no solution to this issue. Citrix is investigating this issue.


Users are recommended to use VMFS5. Users considering VMFS6 should try it in a non-production environment to determine if the storage system used can support the higher load with VMFS6.

Issue 4

PVS target device booted from vdisk with USB Controller 2.0 attached may fail to boot OR freezes at Windows splash screen.


There is no solution to this issue. Citrix is investigating this issue.


Users are advised to attach USB 3.0 controller to the target device on ESXi 6.5 platform.

Issue 5

On Virtual Machine’s (hosted on vSphere) with VMWare tools (10.3.2.x or above) installed, a failure may be seen with standalone installation of Storefront or while upgrading Storefront part of Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1906 OR 1909. An error ‘An error occurred with the operation for Storefront’ may be seen.



This issue is fixed with VMtool v11.0. Upgrade VMWare tools to v11 or newer before attempting to install/upgrade of Storefront.


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