Windows 10 20H1 (Insider Preview Builds) – Citrix Known Issues

Microsoft releases regular builds of the next version of Windows 10 through their Insider Preview Program. Citrix does not support Insider Preview builds as stated on CTX224843 – Windows 10 Compatibility with Citrix XenDesktop.

This article is intended to capture known issues with Windows 10 20H1 that have been identified so far through Citrix internal testing and customer reports for the benefit of customers who are conducting early testing in preparation for when the Semi-Annual Channel release of 20H1 becomes available.


  • This is a live article and is updated as and when new information is available.
  • All the issues mentioned in this article have been noticed with 20H1 builds up to 18999.

Known Issues

The following are the known issues:

Issue 1

Issue Description

Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) stops working after Windows 10 is upgraded to Windows 10 20H1.


Problem Cause

Some of the registry keys related to Citrix UPM are getting removed during upgrade process.


This issue is fixed with the Microsoft’s March 2019 Updates for Windows 10. Install the respective March 2019 update OR its replacement on your existing Windows 10 version before upgrading to Windows 10 20H1.

Issue 2

Issue Description

Users are unable to uninstall Desktop Lock if Windows 10 was upgraded to 20H1 with Desktop Lock and Workspace App installed.


Problem Cause

During the upgrade,the key CtxBackupShell is getting removed under [HKLM -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon] . As a result, an error message “1: Read failed HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonCtxBackupShell=(32bit on 32bit)” is displayed.


This issue is resolved with 20H1 builds 18999 and newer.

Issue 3

Issue Description

Printers part of Universal Print Server are no longer mapped after Windows 10 is upgraded to Windows 10 20H1. This issue is not seen with fresh install of Windows 10 20H1.



There is no solution. Support for custom print drivers have been deprecated by Microsoft.

Issue 4

Issue Description

Unable to print using client mapped printers if Universal Print Driver is used with a Windows 10 20H1 VDA.



This issue is resolved with 20H1 builds 18990 and newer.

Issue 5

Issue Description

On Virtual Machine’s (hosted on vSphere) with VM version 14 and boot option EFI, a failure may be seen when you upgrade Windows 10 machine to 20H1 with an error “We can’t tell if your PC is ready to continue installing Windows 10. Try restating the setup”



Installing the latest VMWare tools 11.0.0.x before attempting to upgrade to 20H1 resolves this issue.

Issue 6

Issue Description

When Windows 10 machine with Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Agent 1803 or newer is upgraded to 20H1, WEM fails to work. This issue is not seen with WEM versions up to 4.7


Problem Cause

The ‘Norskale’ key under [HKLM -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control] is getting removed during the upgrade to 20H1.


This issue is resolved with builds 19018 and later.

Issue 7

Issue Description

When Windows 10 machine with VDA installed is upgraded to 20H1 build 19025, users may experience a failure with VDA registration.



This issue is resolved with 20H1 builds 19030 and newer.

Issue 8

Issue Description

When Windows 10 machine with Citrix Universal Profile Manager(UPM) configured is upgraded to 20H1, some of the native apps like Notepad, Calculator ect may not open.



Citrix is working with Microsoft to resolve this issue.


Users are advised to reset the user profile from Citrix Director using below steps:

Caution! When a profile is reset, although the user’s folders and files are saved and copied to the new profile, most user profile data is deleted (for example, the registry is reset and application settings might be deleted).

  • From Director, search for the user whose profile you want to reset and select this user’s session.
  • Click Reset Profile.
  • Instruct the user to log off from all sessions.
  • Instruct the user to log back on. The folders and files that were saved from the user’s profile are copied to the new profile.

Important: If the user has profiles on multiple platforms (such as Windows 8 and Windows 7), instruct the user to log back on first to the same desktop or app that the user reported as a problem. This ensures that the correct profile is reset. If the profile is a Citrix user profile, the profile is already reset by the time the user’s desktop appears. If the profile is a Microsoft roaming profile, the folder restoration might still be in progress for a brief time. The user must stay logged on until the restoration is complete. For more details on profile reset click here .


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